5 Fun Ways to Be Happy This Weekend

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Not that we all didn’t already know this, but a new Harvard review has concluded that being happy can protect against heart disease. And since heart disease is the #1 killer of both women and men (scary, right?), I feel it’s my duty to my fellow Nesties to offer up five simple suggestions for keeping things light, fun, and blissful this weekend — and being kind to your heart:

1. Enjoy a carefree breakfast in bed: Only fun talk and flirting allowed! Make things even sweeter by serving up some heart-shaped waffles.

2. Take a break from reality: Set to spend the weekend catching up on chores? Change of plans. This weekend you’re dodging your responsibilities like you’re in high school again — and dating that way too. Hang around and watch movies all day or spend the afternoon in the park. Don’t look at your watch and don’t read the news. Just enjoy each other, and resume real life on Monday — with a spring in your step!

3. Write a love note: Forced to spend this weekend away from one another? Leave a love note for your guy right on the kitchen table, or text him as soon as he walks out the door, telling him that you love him and can’t wait to see him again. This unexpected gesture will set the tone for a happy weekend — even though you’re apart.

4. Go to a peaceful place: I’m not talking in your mind, but that works too. I’m suggesting spending the day in a quiet place like the library, a beautiful place like a botanic garden, or a cultural place like a museum. These calming destinations will help reduce stress while allowing for quality time together.

5. Have lots of sex: Have a sexathon this weekend! Sex relieves stress, release dopamine (happy hormones!), and even burns calories. So make like a bunny, and hop to it!

What little things will you do this weekend to be a happy camper?

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