Unmarried Couples Are Having More Babies

expecting couple, pregnancy news Photo: moodboard/Corbis

Whoa, mama! According to a new study, unmarried couples who live together are having more babies than ever; births among cohabitating pairs have doubled to a rate of 30% since 2002. The reason? Well, it’s simple: More couples are choosing to live together without tying the knot.

This is the part that I take issue with, though: according to Reuters (which doesn’t name its source), “The increase is important because children born out of wedlock generally suffer more instability and grow up with fewer resources.” I can see this being the case for a child born into a single-parent household, but if a loving, cohabitating couple chooses to raise their baby without a marriage license, how would the child’s life be any less stable? Am I missing something? Is it a custody situation, in the event that the parents end up splitting?

I’m curious to hear your take on this. Are parents being irresponsible if they don’t marry? Do you think their children are inherently at a disadvantage?

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