Puperazzi! Celebrity Dog Twitpics

Celebrities — they’re just like us! They snap photos of their adorable pets and show ’em off on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of the cutest ones so far.

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Hilary Duff

“Lola doing her best blue steel! How could u not want to just feed this baby treats all day!” –Hilary Duff
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Mariah Carey

“Jill E. Beans: ‘Sababa!’” –Mariah Carey
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Paris Hilton

“Sid Vicious loves his new home and new BFF Peter Pan ;)” –Paris Hilton
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Denise Richards

“I mean..how cute is our Hank??” –Denise Richards
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Selena Gomez

“Baylor and Wallace taking a nap.” –Selena Gomez
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Sean Kingston

“Me and my new girl puppy ‘MARTINI’ Blue Eyes Shawwty LOL” –Sean Kingston
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Sara Bareilles

“Today we said goodbye to our best buddy, Denver. What a good life he had, but that doesn't make it any easier. :(“ –Sara Bareilles
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Serena Williams

“My baby girl wants to go with mommy... So cute....” –Serena Williams
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Kelly Osbourne

“This is my new dog noodles aka noody bear” –Kelly Osbourne
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Kathy Griffin

“Um, Larry & Pom Pom not even speaking 2 me! Too hot outside. How is this MY fault??” –Kathy Griffin
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Heidi Montag

“My Dolly girl!” –Heidi Montag
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Emmy Rossum

“The family watches me cook :)” –Emmy Rossum