Found on Etsy: A Geographical Map of Your Love Story

etsy, love map Photo: FrameCakesCards, Etsy

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. They become husband and wife. But what about all the stuff that happens in between, like where you first spotted each other, the locale of your first date, where you were the first time you said “I love you,” the first home you shared together? Tonya from FramesCakesCards takes the geographical details of your love story and displays them in map form in chronological order.

Take a look at the cuteness of it all. Looking for some great personalized wall art, but you’re not the best DIYer? This is the adorable keepsake you’ve been looking for — and it could be a fun anniversary gift, too!

Love Story Map (customizable), $10, FramesCakesCards,