Cows Make Out and Lobsters Cuddle: Animals Who Love Like Humans

Photo: Open Walls
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Cows Make Out

Whoa, get a room, cows. As you can see, it is a bovine tradition to make out -- sometimes for hours -- just because two cows like each other and not for some other gross animal reason, like grooming. Kind of makes me feel guilty about eating that burger for lunch...
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Lobsters Cuddle and Get Nekkid

Recently, scientists discovered a 180-year-old fossil of three lobsters cuddling. In fact, ever since Rachel called Ross her "little lobster" on Friends, it's been well-known that lobsters are special type of crustacean -- the type that mate for life, just like people...except I asked around, and apparently it's not true. In fact, the male lobster can be quite the player. But, as the fossil suggests, they do snuggle. Also? Just like us, female lobsters get undressed to do the deed, shedding their shells and becoming quite vulnerable before getting down.
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Swans Kiss and Are Monogamous

Swans were practically made for lovin'. Just look at what happens when they kiss: they touch bills and their long necks arch together into a heart shape. Two swans will mate for life, unless they lose their partner -- in which case they will get remarried. They also nest, and not just because they're birds: They set up a home for themselves and their babies and protect it with their lives.
Photo: Simczuk, Flickr
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Elephants Make Out with Their Trunks

Ready for this? Elephants kiss by entwining trunks and then literally sticking their trunks in each other's mouths. Sexy.
Photo: tibchris, Flickr
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Meerkats Hug and Raise Families

If you've never seen Meerkats the movie or Meerkat Manor the TV show, you're missing out. The meerkat family unit so closely resembles that of people, you'd be shocked. The furry little rodents love to hug and often mate for life. They even sleep together in one big heap.
adelie penguins
Photo: es)teric, Flickr
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Adelie Penguins Mate for Life

Remember March of the Penguins? Adelie penguins are the specific breed that mates for life. They even split the chores: When they have babies, they take turns babysitting and hunting for food.
barn owl, animals that mate for life
Photo: Drew Avery, Flickr
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Barn Owls Develop Emotional Bonds

These lovebirds are known to cuddle, and they develop deep emotional attachments not just to their mates but to their human handlers, if they have any.
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Gibbons Stay Together Forever

These little monkeys are closely related to humans, so it's no surprise they love like people too, hugging, bonding and staying together for life.