Signs of Affection: Sidewalk Art Edition

Ah, love. It’s everywhere, if you look for it. Here are 11 of our favorite sappy sidewalk sentiments.

sidewalk artPhoto: Daquella Manera, Flickr
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Follow Your Heart

No One Likes a Cheapskate! How to Tip Your Hairdresser

No one likes a cheapskate. And even though many of us don't do it on purpose, sometimes we tip too little, which can result in a so-so haircut on your next visit or worse. Get in good with your hairdresser by knowing exactly how much to give and when. So how much is appropriate and... read more

Rowenta Offers the First Energy-Efficient Steam Iron

rowenta eco intelligence ironPhoto: Rowenta

For those of you who are into crisp blouses and cutting down on your electricity bill, today's your lucky day: Rowenta has developed North America's first energy smart iron. In case you're wary, take note: the new Eco Itelligence iron doesn't sacrifice performance or durability in order to deliver a read more

We Heart This Mod Outdoor Lounger

offi mod loungerPhoto: Offi
The weather's getting warmer and we've got outdoor decor on the brain. Behold the new Mod Lounger by Offi, a quirky way to kick up the style quotient of your backyard. The sculptural seating is made of  100 percent recyclable plastic with a rubber cushion and built-in drainage system. The $499 lounger comes in six... read more

Smart Budgets Tips You Can Learn from an Heiress (No, Really)

Photo: Alessandro LemosPhoto: Alessandro Lemos
When we stumbled on this Daily Mail UK interview with billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of the Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, her frugal tips kind of took us by surprise. (And by “kind of” we mean “completely.”) Saving 20 percent on cars? Turning the heat off at night? Booking airline tickets in advance... read more

Found on Etsy: Housewarming Pinatas

Bored with the same old bottle-of-wine-in-a-gift-bag approach to hostess gifts? Here’s an idea to bring a little life to the party: Show up at your next housewarming party with one of these pinata houses packed with sweet treats or the makings of a meal.

housewarming pinata, favor boxPhoto: Etsy
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Raise the Roof

Show up with a super fun and unexpected hostess gift.


People Prefer iPhones to Spouses. Yep, Sounds About Right.

iphones, marriagePhoto: cletch, Flickr
CNBC just published a study that more American homes contain Apple products than married couples. Bob, you were right: the times they are a-changin.' And I guess they always will. Sigh. Here's the really sad part, though:  28 percent of iPhone users would rather go a... read more

Video: What’s Your Favorite Nickname for Sex?

sex euphemisms, sex nicknames
We at The Nest asked real couples: Which sex euphemisms make you hot, which leave you cold, and which, well, just make you want to leave rather than...come? Come over to bed, we mean! (And for the record, "Hey, I really wanna type on your keyboard" will never mean the same thing to me again.) read more

Food Fad: Artisan Popsicles

Photo: travelandleisure.comPhoto:
Those ice-pops you grew up with are getting an adult makeover. Recent cookbooks, blogs and chefs have been concocting artisan popsicles that have fruit infusions and savory flavor additions like rosemary and cucumber. Ready to try the trend? Check out these great recipes, including one for hibiscus-raspberry ice pops. Get more refreshing recipe... read more

Got a Car? Save $3,000 a Year By Renting It Out

A new service called RelayRides is helping car-owners make use of their rarely used vehicles. An owner can rent out their car for a few hours or whole days at a time. Owners can set up their own pricing terms, but many are charging at least $5 an hour or $40 a day,... read more
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