The Best Furniture Pieces for EVERY Home

Something I hear from friends who don’t plan on living where they are for long, or who are anticipating a change to their current space, is “I don’t know whether I should spend money on this.” That’s always a tough call, a subjective one. But there are a select few versatile pieces that you can... read more

Instant Expert: Horseradish — The Anything-Goes Sauce You Need in Your Fridge

Super flavorful, versatile and crazy easy to make, horseradish is one of those anything-goes sauces that deserves a place at your dinner table. What is it: Horseradish is a type of perennial plant that is part of the mustard family and is cultivated for its root. The root has a distinct hot,... read more

The Best Couples Therapy EVER: Watching Rom-Coms At Home

couple watching moviePhoto: Shutterstock
Want another reason to curl up on the couch and watch a good romance flick? Turns out, it’s good for your marriage! A new study has found that watching certain movies can be just as effective as therapy (and way more fun) when it comes to reducing the divorce or separation rate. The researchers at... read more

This Roasted Leg of Lamb is a Spring Feast

Looking to impress your guests this spring? Give this foolproof leg of lamb recipe a try. Roasted in fresh garlic, fragrant rosemary and olive oil, this savory meal is sure to satisfy your guests. What You'll Need: (Serves 6) 5 to 7 pound leg of lamb (bone in) 3 tablespoons olive oil 5 cloves... read more

10 Incredibly Chic Tabletop Ideas for Easter Brunch

While we love a good moody tabletop, complete with ambient candlelight, but for Easter, we're all about embracing bright colors, fresh accents and elegant touches to play up the onset of spring. Brass and gilded touches make a big impact when mixed with a soft color palette of white, cream and blush.... read more

The Fermenting Revolution: The Latest Food Trend You Have to Try

It seems like every five minutes someone, somewhere is discovering the latest superfood that promises everything from preventing cancer to combatting the signs of aging. But the latest healthy eating food trend to sweep the country — fermenting — isn't actually a trend at all, it's an age-old process that's been around... read more

10 Perfectly Dip-Dyed Home Accents for Spring

Looking to bring a fresh look to your home without a total makeover? Try a dip-dyed accent piece to bring some artistic style to your space. Here are ten of our favorite spring finds:


dip dye
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On Point

Set an extra charming dinner table with this playful flatware set.

SHOP NOW: Sabre Flatware Aquarelle 5 piece place setting, $99,


10 Organized Closets from Pinterest We Love

3 Fashion Bloggers Share Their Organizing Tips

Tips to Caring for Every Shoe in Your Closet

6 Hand-Picked Tablescape Ideas for Your Next Spring Gathering

feature nest spring tablescape
A spring tablescape can feature anything from a mishmash of DIY items, Etsy pieces and flowers personally picked from your garden all the way to a decked-out array of items from Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and your local florist. In any case, it's a fun project figuring out just which decorations you'd like to set the mood... read more

Delicious (and Gluten-Free!) Coconut Macaroons are Perfect for Passover

Did you know that baking your own Coconut Macaroons is incredibly easy? In under 30 min and with only five ingredients you can whip-up a own batch for the upcoming holiday. Even if you don't celebrate Passover, these gluten-free treats are a perfect afternoon sweet fix. What You'll Need: (makes, 30 macaroons) 4 egg whites, large 1/2... read more

DIY This Jewelry Board to Keep Your Bling Organized

DIY jewelry board
Tidy up your jewelry display with this pretty DIY jewelry board that's completely customizable (Read: make it whatever size you want!). This simple project will allow you to show-off your jewelry in the most organized of ways. What You'll Need: Wooden board cut to desired size (can be done at the local hardware store)... read more
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