The Real First Year: Nesties Share Their No-Nonsense Marriage Advice

Couple take a break after cycling
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Everyone knows that couples ride off into the sunset on their vintage bicycles the second they get married. Just like marriage fixes everything. Queue the hysterical laughter. Still laughing? We are, too. While relationships don't have to be difficult, they do take good communication, patience and compromise. And year one of marriage for sure... read more

The MOST Annoying Things Our Partners Do That Drive Us Insane

annoyed couple on couch
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They're our sweethearts and our babes, but when our partners make us nuts when they don't listen, don't help out around the house, don't pick up after themselves ... well, then, we have some other special names for our irritating love bugs. In truth, we're probably doing a bunch of things that get on... read more

8 Ridiculous Fights Couples Have When Moving

Moving Truck Illustration
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Moving. It tests you as a couple. It costs too much money. It makes you collapse in a sweaty heap on boxes. And it unleashes these 8 absurd arguments (yeah, you'll relate). The Fight: When to Start One of you starts organizing a few weeks beforehand, and the other says, "The move is already going... read more

Instant Expert: Peel Garlic Like a Pro

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Love garlic, but hate the whole peeling and prep process? Ditch the jarred stuff and get your fresh garlic recipe-ready with these easy tips: Pull apart the garlic bulb, and lay a single clove on a cutting board. Place the flat side of the blade of a chef's knife against the clove, and press down... read more

Cheers! A Perfectly Sweet Vanilla-Pear Cocktail Recipe

Who doesn't adore a good fall recipe? And this vanilla-pear cocktail proves that you don't need apple or pumpkin to pull it off. Serve this sweet drink for brunch or with dinner, or even sip on it after work. You can make it in less than five minutes! What You'll Need:... read more

Instant Expert: The What's What on Worcestershire

Vincent Bernier Saatchi Art Painting and Print
Photo: Vincent Bernier painting / Courtesy of Saatchi Art
You've definitely heard of it -- but do you really know what's behind this tongue-twister of a sauce? First off, what is it? Basically, it's a dark liquid condiment that pairs great with red meat. Since it's made from distilled white vinegar, molasses, sugar and spices, it's perfect for adding a little extra kick of... read more

Take a Seat! 6 Price-is-Right Eames-Inspired Chairs

With so many different styles hailing from design greats Ray and Charles Eames, there's a chair for just about any mid-century furniture lover. From leather lounger to a wire or plastic-molded one, or even a... read more

Cookbook Crave: You'll Flip Out Over These French Fries!

Fries, chips, pommes frites ... whatever you call 'em, there's no arguing that these crispy potatoes are the perfect side to just about any main dish. (Or just do what I do, and consider a bowlful as a well-rounded meal.) You can now go beyond basic... read more

Taylor Swift: 8 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Her Penthouse

Taylor Swift The Giver premiere photo
Ever since Taylor Swift moved to New York City, we've wondered what exactly goes on in her TriBeCa apartment. Sure, we've seen paparazzi photos of her supermodel BFF Karlie Kloss strutting in, and Taylor nonchalantly leaving while wearing cozy knee socks and holding Olivia Benson. But all that makes us think is that her... read more

The Easiest Tomato Sauce Recipe You'll Ever Make!

tomato sauce homemade recipe
If your go-to meals include some form of pasta or pizza (admit it, they do -- hey, there's no shame in making some pizza muffins for dinner), then you need this seriously simple homemade tomato sauce in your life. It's fresher than the store-bought stuff, you'll master it in a flash, and you'll... read more