8 Life Skills To Master Before Having a Baby

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Thinking about becoming a parent? While there’s no real owner’s manual to guide you through the process of raising kids, there are certain skills every new mom and dad should master before bringing up baby (according to those who have already done it.) Below, see eight things every future parent needs to practice before embarking... read more

Instant Expert: Guinness — A St. Patty's Day Staple

No doubt, you've heard of Guinness, the iconic Irish beer known for it's dark color and rich creamy head, and chances are you've probably even had a pint or two. But here are five things you probably didn't know about Ireland's home brew: 1. Guinness stout wasn't always #1 At its beginnings over two centuries... read more

The Best Closet Organizing Products Under $100

It’s the season for Spring cleaning! Start by re-organizing your clothing area to maximize sweater space when sharing a closet with your S.O. These ten items are organizing geniuses — and under $100.

Slimline HangersOnlySlimlineHangers.com
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Slim Pickings

Skinny, non-slip hangers will keep your clothes neat and take up less space than traditional wooden or plastic styles.

SHOP NOW: Slimline hangers, $9 for set of 10, OnlySlimlineHangers.com

Home Decor Inspired By Our Favorite Cities

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The Mid-century-centric desert of Palm Springs. The masculine vibe of Manhattan. The rustic modern farmhouse accents inspired by the Napa Valley. We'll admit that we have a case of the wanting to move whenever we visit a new city, so we're letting five of our favorite destinations inspire our home. Whether you're obsessed with South Beach... read more

Urban Adventures for Couples: Your City, Your Way

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No matter what you and your S.O. are into -- food, adventure, culture, etc. -- you’ll want to spend time in these six American destinations that cater especially to you. CHICAGO For Foodies Take a stroll down the eater’s paradise of West Randolph Street for some of the best tidbits the city has to offer... read more

Hey, Good Lookin': 5 Tips for Getting Your Beauty Sleep

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Casper, a new mattress brand that’s dedicated to making a good-night’s sleep accessible to all is brining memory foam-style beds to you at affordable prices. Starting at only $500 and maxing out at $950 for a King, they also offer free shipping nationwide, or, if you live in certain areas of New York City, express...

read more

Rent the Wolf of Wall Street’s Greenwich Village Apartment for a Casual $25k Per Month

It may not reside on Wall Street but the Greenwich Village apartment owned by the Wolf of Wall Street himself, Leonardo DiCaprio, is now up for rent (at a casual $25k per month). Set in the heart of Downtown Manhattan, the Delos development is health-centric and green, offering refuge from the city… and some major design envy. Take a peek inside:

leonardo dicaprio apartmentvia Curbed
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DiCaprio was one of the first buyers in the Greenwich Village Delos building at 66 East 11th Street.


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12 Necessities for the Modern Kitchen

Formica_Nest_Header-4We fancy ourselves knowledgable when it comes to outfitting your home, and kitchen. When it comes to whipping up a delicious brunch or savory dinner, here are the goods you should have on-hand for your daily culinary adventures.

shun knifeShun
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The Chef Knife

Before you cook anything you’re going to need that one knife that’s the jack of all trades: a chef’s knife. Known as the master chef’s knife in Japan, the kiritsuke 8-inch will be your go-to when it comes to every cooking need: slicing vegetables to deboning proteins (even fish!). While a knife set is great, it can be costly and this one knife will do just about everything for you, and while looking good. It’s made from blue carbon steel and grey PakkaWood for a modern spin on the traditional Japanese knife. Chic!

SHOP NOW: Blue Kiritsuke 8-inch knife, $288, Shun.KaiUSALtd.com

The Nest & Formica® Brand teamed up to bring you gorgeous design ideas, smart remodeling advice and the hottest trends that’ll help you give your home some love. Visit Formica.com to learn more about their surfacing products.

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4 Relationship Trends for the Coolest Couples (That’s You!)

Couple Holding HandsPhoto: Thinkstock
A new year is the perfect time to break old relationship patterns and embrace new approaches that will reignite your spark! Here are four relationship trends we'll see throughout 2015 that we should all embrace. Disconnecting to connect. According to Digital... read more

15 Household Items You Need to Clean More Often

cleaning ovenThinkstock
Beyond cleaning out your fridge, wiping down your counters, and taking out the trash, there are a few little things that you should clean in your home on a regular basis… that you are not. While no one really likes chores, taking the extra couple minutes to reach tough spots or wipe down certain objects can really... read more
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