10 Scandinavian Homes to Inspire Your Spring Cleaning

The Scandinavians have home design on lock down. Clean lines, cool color palettes and the perfect balance of modern and natural accents come together seamlessly to create rooms that feel clean, calming and incredibly chic. Let our Nordic friends teach you a thing or two about decorating, but before you kick your spring cleaning... read more

Craft Beer 101: Because the PBR Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Photo: HEARTprintshop/Etsy Photo: HEARTprintshop/Etsy
Not all beers are created equal. And ok, you might love your Bud Light or Corona, but we're here to tell you that, yes, there are indeed better beers to be had. Two words: craft beer. How is this any different than the fizzy golden beverage you downed during college? Well for starters, you're... read more

9 Decor Tricks to Transform a House Into Your Home

dark interiors
We believe that the New Year gives you the right to throw away old habits (pack rat tendencies be gone!), pick up new ones (can dusting actually be fun?) and do things your way. From simple tricks of decluttering like a pro to elevating your sleeping quarters and even growing a green thumb, here are nine ways to... read more

10 Kitchen Nooks That Make Us Want to Brunch All Day (And Their Best Elements)

feature image kitchen nook 2
It’s official: we are hooked on nooks. What is it about them that gives them their charm? Is it their coziness? Their simplicity? Their associations with waking up and carving out a happy little place to enjoy the sunshine and get ready for the day? We at nousDECOR think it’s all of the... read more

The No-Fuss Dinner Idea: Classic Chili for the Win

classic chili recipe
Serve up this hearty all-time classic on game day, or as a causal, no-fuss weeknight dinner. This one-pot comfort food made with ground beef, beans, and spices is sure to hit the spot. What You'll Need: (Serves 6) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 large yellow onion, diced 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 pound ground beef... read more

Serena & Lily Launches Eco-Friendly Paint Collection

serena & lily colorhouse paints

After a decade as a painter and color consultant, Serena Dugan, CCO of lifestyle brand, Serena & Lily, worked with Colorhouse paints to launch a new collection of eco-friendly hues for your home. Staying true to their fresh, California vibe, the paints come in 108 easy-living shades that work alone...

read more

DIY a Cable-Knit Lampshade from an Old Sweater

DIY Cable Knit Lampshade 1
This simple project can be done a few ways and since its not-permanent, you can easily change-up the cover with the season. What You'll Need: Thrifted or old sweater (smaller the better) Lampshade Elastic Scissors Lamp (or hanging lamp kit if you want to hang) Sewing machine Step 1: Start by pulling the sweater over... read more

8 Life Skills To Master Before Having a Baby

baby under blanketGetty Images/Thinkstock
Thinking about becoming a parent? While there’s no real owner’s manual to guide you through the process of raising kids, there are certain skills every new mom and dad should master before bringing up baby (according to those who have already done it.) Below, see eight things every future parent needs to practice before embarking... read more

Instant Expert: Guinness — A St. Patty's Day Staple

No doubt, you've heard of Guinness, the iconic Irish beer known for it's dark color and rich creamy head, and chances are you've probably even had a pint or two. But here are five things you probably didn't know about Ireland's home brew: 1. Guinness stout wasn't always #1 At its beginnings over two centuries... read more

The Best Closet Organizing Products Under $100

It’s the season for Spring cleaning! Start by re-organizing your clothing area to maximize sweater space when sharing a closet with your S.O. These ten items are organizing geniuses — and under $100.

Slimline HangersOnlySlimlineHangers.com
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Slim Pickings

Skinny, non-slip hangers will keep your clothes neat and take up less space than traditional wooden or plastic styles.

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