Nail Artist Stephanie Stone Shows Us How to DIY Ombré Nails at Home

Hollywood nail artist, Stephanie Stone, shares her easy at-home DIY for summer-ready ombré nails. MORE MUST-CLICKS: 4 Summer Nail Art Trends Nail Art Inspired by Home Decor Sonya Dakar’s DIY Eye De-Puffer Treatment read more

A Sparkling Prickly Pear Tequila Cocktail

cocktail pink

A delicious cocktail recipe is always the best way to kick off the weekend, but we just might be outdoing ourselves with these prickly pear tequila floats. Perfect for warm summer afternoons, the sorbet has the added bonus of keeping your cocktail chilled. No simple syrups, no exotic ingredients you’ll have to hunt down at a...

read more

Video: We Know What You're Really Doing at that Airbnb Rental, and It's OK

A hilarious parody video is calling out what couples really do during their stays in an Airbnb rental: go in a stranger’s apartment and look through their stuff. The people who brought you “Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbor” have done it again. This time they’re tackling the instinctive human trait that is nosiness. “We’re introducing... read more

12 Festive Pieces of July 4th Party Décor

Throw a memorable July 4th party with a red, white and blue palette, and of course some stars and stripes.

West Elm
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Star Light

Hung on the walls or draped across the table, this star garland adds a sparkly touch to your décor.

SHOP NOW: Glitter star garland, $19,


Find Your Favorite Sundress for Under $100

Stylish Accessories for a Modern and Relaxing Guest Room

10 Tantalizing Summer Cookbooks

How to Use Dry Rubs to Instantly Elevate Flavor

various spices on a white backgroundvarious spices on a white background
We're always looking for new ways to amp up our grilling game because when you live in a cool climate you really have to make the most of the precious grilling months. Dry rubs might not be new to the whole barbecue game, but if you haven't yet given them a... read more

8 DIY Fire Pits to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

outdoor patio night
It might not be exactly tropical in your neighborhood yet. But for many of us, it’s finally warm enough to start daydreaming about summer. And that means thinking about getting the yard ready for cookouts, ball games, and gatherings under the stars. If you’re thinking about the changing seasons, think about making your... read more

So You’ve Married a Vegetarian: Dealing With Mixed Dietary Relationships

When it comes to mixed-faith marriages, few people will bat an eye anymore. Live and let live seems to be the running order of the day. But end up in a relationship with someone who’s meat-eating views are different from yours and things can get pretty combustible. When it comes to eating anything that had... read more

This One Simple Trick Will Make Your Backyard Look Like Magic

backyard feature
A backyard with the works—a sound system, a remote-controlled veranda, a deluxe fire pit—can take away that effervescent magic of sitting together outside the house and watching the stars on a warm summer night. While the latest and greatest in backyard additions is nice, we've got an idea for a decor piece that costs next to nothing, and will... read more

The Perfect Coleslaw Recipe for Your Fourth of July Barbecue

This classic coleslaw recipe, made with crunchy cabbage, carrots, diced green pepper and a deliciously creamy dressing, comes together in just a few simple steps. You can serve this perfect coleslaw salad at you Independence Day BBQ, alongside grilled burgers and hot dogs! What You'll Need: (Serves 4) 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar... read more

Turn a Drop Cloth into a 4th of July Table Cover!

DIY summer table cloth
A large inexpensive drop cloth can set the table for your next summer holiday get together! Embellished with DIY polka dots in various colors and shades of blue, this monogram piece is perfect for your outdoor dinner party or 4th of July BBQ! What You'll Need: 6" x 9" Canvas drop... read more
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