Making a Workspace in Even the Tiniest of Places

Having a designated space to do your bills, sort through mail or just get your to-do list in order (all the important stuff really) can be a major game changer. Not only does it mean having one spot to house all those important documents, but carving out a work space in your home also means no... read more

A Summer Fresh Cherry Cake Recipe

My friends Christine and Anca, founders of Huckle & Goose, served a version of this cake at a recent dinner we collaborated on this spring. This cake is perfection—the texture of the cornmeal, the way you can substitute any fruit, the lack of overwhelming sweetness. It’s my ideal cake. Tip: I substituted... read more

In Marriage as in Life, Do Unto Others is Great Advice

The human brain is a weird thing. In psychology, there is a behavior called mirroring, which is where one person subconsciously imitates the gestures, speech patterns, and attitudes of another. You can see it sometimes in a person surrounded by foreigners. Suddenly they take on the rhythm of speech, or even the accent, of the people... read more

7 Backyard Tablescape Ideas For Your Next Outdoor Party

table runner plants
Before you can throw a backyard bash at your home, you’ll have to dust off your decorative pillows, give your furniture a fresh coat of paint, and deck out your décor with bright summer shades. In order to host a dazzling dinner or pretty tea party, your table must be the center of attention.... read more

6 Ways to Work with Summer’s Hottest Plant

feature cactus nest
Oh, humble cacti: though they might pose safety hazards, the spiky little guys have been climbing out of deserts and into our hearts for the past few months now. Available in prints and on fashion items galore, we knew it was just a matter of time before they made it into our spaces. It turns out,... read more

A Healthy Homemade Granola Recipe

A wholesome batch of homemade granola is so incredibly simple to make and can save you some cash along the way. This simple granola recipe made with hearty oats, nuts, maple syrup, shredded coconut and spices takes under an hour to prepare, and is a lot more nutritious and flavorful than the store bought kind! What You'll... read more

10 Unforgettable Summer Party Ideas

From full-on theme parties to little DIY details that make the night special, here are our favorite suggestions for your next summer soirée.

Photo: Pinterest
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Life's A Beach

If you live near the beach, invite a few friends and bring along pillows, plates, flatware and flowers for a laid-back, al fresco meal.

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8 Swimming Pools We Want to Jump In Right Now

We’re officially in the dog days of summer. It’s hot, sticky, and everything is melting. Besides a frozen cocktail drink in hand (obviously), a dip in the pool is just what the doctor ordered for this sweltering heat. Here are eight that we’re currently day-dreaming about diving into. Use them as inspiration for your own home, or just look at them to cool down. It’s amazing how refreshed we feel already!

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Dinner and a Swim

This pool/hot tub combo is paved with gorgeous stone floors, making it cozy and pretty. But what we’re really loving is the pizza oven attached to it. Just remember, no swimming for thirty minutes after you eat.


How to Swim Like a Pro

How to Finance a Pool Installation

Things to Do In a Pool to Lose Weight

A Tropical Trip South of the Border for National Tequila Day

Oh, yes! It's National Tequila Day! So, we decided to take you on a journey south of the border to Rosewood Mayakoba, the new Riviera Maya resort that offers ocean- and lagoon-front suites. Plus, we'll share a few recipes that will get you in relaxation mode in no time. Get ready for some gratuitous... read more

Beer and Food Pairing Basics

Collection of bottles in bucketCollection of bottles in bucket
Just like with wine, pairing beer with the right foods allows the complex flavors of a top-notch brew — and its corresponding dish — really shine. Before you start pairing, you'll want to get a handle on the beer in question's characteristics — the flavors, intensity and taste elements. Once you've identified these, you'll be... read more
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