Home Tour: Inside a Lofty Brooklyn Base for Two Artists

alyssa kristin home bk

Bright Texas meets unfussy lakefront Maine in this soon-to-be-married couple’s Brooklyn loft space.

When Alyssa Kristin met Patrick Duffy at a mutual friend's party, it wasn't long before the two artists merged their living spaces into Kristin's Bushwick, Brooklyn airy loft. The space, which used to be a knitting factory,... read more

3 Ways to Restyle Your Kitchen for Just $300

feature kitchen for 300
What's nice about restyling a kitchen is that it's really all about the accents. Unlike with huge, costly remodel jobs, it's possible to bring in a few lovely coordinating pieces and make a big impact on the look of your kitchen. Even better, accents individually are très affordable, which makes it easy to go crazy with even just... read more

7 Cakes That Look Too Good To Eat

Ulitimate Birthday Cake
No matter what you’re celebrating, there’s sure to be cake involved. Whether you’re a baking newbie or a pastry pro, there’s a beautiful cake out there that you can make. We’ve rounded up our favorite cake recipes for you to try for your next celebration. Blow your guests away with these incredible edible works of... read more

5 Ways To Incorporate Prints Into Your Home

One of our very favorite ways to decorate is with prints and patterns.  With so many ways to make a statement--with a wallpaper on an accent wall or by collaging your dining table with linens--prints instantly freshen up your decor. Here are five ways you can start incorporating more prints into your homes--just see how happy polka dot napkins will... read more

15 Minutes with Huckleberry Author Zoe Nathan

Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb Huckleberry
Zoe Nathan (along with her husband Josh Loeb) owns and operates Huckleberry Bakery & Café in Santa Monica. Using only the highest quality ingredients, everything in the bakery is made on site. Luckily for us, Zoe decided to bring her love for cooking out of her kitchen and into the our hands with Huckleberry.... read more

You Can Make a Perfect Martini!

martini 1
Would you like that shaken or stirred? A classic martini uses only two types of liquor, making it one of the simplest cocktails to make. Just remember to get a premium-quality gin and a good, dry vermouth. The only other factor is the chill. The drink must be icy cold, so store both the gin and... read more

Mads Mikkelsen Wants You to Come Home With Him

mads mikkelson
Who's ready to get go home with Mads Mikkelsen? We are! The Danish actor teamed up with friend and director, Dejan Cukic to shoot, The Call, a short film produced by Danish furniture brand, BoConcept. Filmed at in a very modern villa in Valencia, Spain the sexy little short focuses on Mikkelsen rolling around in sleekest of Scandinavian designs (we're totally OK with... read more

Zak + Fox Founder Zak Profera Opens Up His Tribeca Home


Hailing from the San Francisco Art Institute, Zak Profera has created his own world of covetable textiles at Zak + Fox. Inspired years of globetrotting--from bustling Souks to serene Japanese mountain towns, see how this contemporary aesthete lives in his Tribeca, New York pad with fox, his Shiba Inu, Shinji.

  Up until recently,... read more

3 Ways to Style a Dark, Dramatic Living Room

featured living nest dark living
We can't deny the appeal of a space with a heavier, inky palette. It communicates a daring and gutsy spirit—one that isn't afraid to embrace the darker side of life along with the light. A black wall, black furnishings, and a few black skull portraits in a living space are redolent of Day of the Dead... read more

An Easy DIY: Weave This Colorful Placemat Today

We're obsessed with all things weaving, so today (it's almost Spring!), we're weaving a placemat. Here's how to brighten up your table in a snap. By Roxy Taghavian for Brit + Co. What You'll Need: Cardboard Charger plate Yarn Rope Pom poms Ruler or straight edge Scissors Pen Step 1: Trace... read more
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