Zak + Fox Founder Zak Profera Opens Up His Tribeca Home


Hailing from the San Francisco Art Institute, Zak Profera has created his own world of covetable textiles at Zak + Fox. Inspired years of globetrotting--from bustling Souks to serene Japanese mountain towns, see how this contemporary aesthete lives in his Tribeca, New York pad with fox, his Shiba Inu, Shinji.

  Up until recently,... read more

3 Ways to Style a Dark, Dramatic Living Room

featured living nest dark living
We can't deny the appeal of a space with a heavier, inky palette. It communicates a daring and gutsy spirit—one that isn't afraid to embrace the darker side of life along with the light. A black wall, black furnishings, and a few black skull portraits in a living space are redolent of Day of the Dead... read more

An Easy DIY: Weave This Colorful Placemat Today

We're obsessed with all things weaving, so today (it's almost Spring!), we're weaving a placemat. Here's how to brighten up your table in a snap. By Roxy Taghavian for Brit + Co. What You'll Need: Cardboard Charger plate Yarn Rope Pom poms Ruler or straight edge Scissors Pen Step 1: Trace... read more

9 Bold Wallpaper Prints for Major Impact at Home

We think wallpaper prints need not be for the faint of heart–it’s time to make a statement. With the help of a bold wallpaper print, you can transform a generic room into an otherworldly space. From palm fronds to florals, ink blots and zebra, here are nine finds we think you’ll swoon over.

green jungle print wallpaperPhoto: Cole & Son
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Jungle Jewel Fever

Bold '70s-style wallpapers have always made our heart skip a beat and this updated contemporary blue and green palm print is something to inspire. Cole & Son's Palm Jungle comes in a few different shades but we love this jewel-toned print for it will heat up your home with one of this year's hottest hues.


5 Things We Learned About Wallpaper Design From Ellie Cashman

Fashion Meets Home With This New Wallpaper Collab

Home Decor Inspired by the Oscar Noms

The Best Dressed Couples at the 2015 Academy Awards

hot couples at oscars
Even though it was raining in Hollywood, the city's brightest stars looked their best on their biggest day of the year. Here are our nominees for the Best Dressed Couples... Best Actor winner Eddie Redmayne also won our vote for best dressed man in a handsome Alexander McQueen suit. Redmayne's wife, Hannah Bagshawe,... read more

10 Black and White Kitchens We Love

Sometimes, there's nothing more pleasing to the eye than a classic black and white bistro kitchen. From the industrial to the traditional and modern ones, here are ten kitchens we'd love to cook in. Styled with IKEA's newest kitchen design product SEKTION, we think this traditional-meets-industrial space is to... read more

3 Ways to Locate a Stud Without a Stud Finder locate a stud without using a stud finder video DIY
When hanging or fastening something to your walls, you'll probably need to drill directly into a stud for the most secure placement. While you can invest in a mechanical stud locator, we think it’s a good idea to know how to find them on your own. Here are some low-tech ways for locating a stud without using a stud... read more

Check Out This LA-Style Health Complex

the springs
The Springs in LA is a crunchy adult's playground, where terms like "enzymatic power" and "yoga DJ" get thrown around. Whether that's your vibe or not, we think the decor of the downtown LA hotspot is worth noting. The Springs opened in mid-October as a natural health super center—almost 14,000 square feet... read more

E=mc^Chic: 9 Atomic Era Science-Inspired Decor Finds

atomic furniture
Ready to channel your inner (super-chic) nerd? We are! With Oscar buzz circling The Theory of Everything, we just had to let the Stephen Hawking bio flick inspire our next shopping trip. Perfect for a home office or the design-a-holic who needs more Mid-Century Atomic Era decor in their life, these nine home... read more

Stone Cold: 7 Marble Home Accents You Need Now

marble grinder
Stop being such a stone! Actually, go on... it's super chic! There's a good chance your family had a marble table when you grew up -- we did, like, a huge all-marble dining room table that weighed a thousand pounds. Well, the stone du '80s is back in a major way and causing a cooling in the home.... read more
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