Renee Zellweger Used to Own the Rustic Estate of Our Dreams

Renee Zellweger's homeLandVest
Although Renee Zellweger recently made a modern and fresh-faced return to the red carpet at Elle's Women in Hollywood Awards yesterday, her former Pomfret, Connecticut, home is anything but. The actress put the rustic estate up for sale in 2011 and it's back on the market for $1.6 million. But the term "rustic" doesn't... read more

The Top 13 Pinned Couples Halloween Costumes from Pinterest

popeye halloween costume
Looking for some inspiration for you and your S.O.'s Halloween costumes? Take a peek at the top couples costumes that are trending on Pinterest. Popeye and Olive Oil // Image courtesy of Pinterest L: Bandits; R: Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend play Cowboys and Indians // Images... read more

Instant Expert: Easy-to-Do Design Tricks These Designers Swear By

designer tips jonathan adler chandelier
If you've ever been caught scratching your head with when it comes to decorating a space, we've got the solutions for you. From giant chandeliers to layering tips and even storage solutions, here are design tricks that these eight top interior designers swear by.

"Always buy a chandelier that is bigger than you...

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James Marsden's Colorful Home Is Perfect for a 'Nicholas Sparks' Movie

James Marsden bought a new home
James Marsden can do no wrong: He's portrayed two absurdly-handsome characters in Nicholas Sparks's The Notebook and The Best of Me, and now he's upped his game on the real estate market by purchasing an absurdly-gorgeous mid-century modern home in Los Angeles. James scooped up the airy Hollywood Hills home (built in 1959) for $1.8... read more

Hot Topic: Don't Ask Nesties When They're Having a Baby!

face palm
Illustration: Thinkstock
It took about a hot second after my wedding for family, friends and nearly complete strangers to start asking me when I was going to have a baby. I know I'm not alone in thinking: TALK TO THE HAND! Here, Nesties sound off on the "When are you having a baby?" and... read more

Office Tour: How We Live at Lyft

office tour lyft
With their obvious sense of humor, the Lyft offices are bringing a bright spot (and pink mustaches) to San Francisco. Check out their space that is made of childhood dreams. Working with Rapt Studio on the concept and execution of their design, giant pink mustache whiskers greet you in... read more

Instant Expert: Orzo Made Simple

scallops and orzo recipe
If you've ever asked yourself what this pasta-rice hybrid actually is, then look no further. Here, we put your orzo questions to rest: What it is: A rice-shaped pasta found in everything from salads and soups to everyday side dishes. It's super-versatile, making it a must-have for your pantry. What's in a name: Orzo comes from... read more

15 Minutes with Master Sommelier Richard Betts

white wine
He's a New York Times bestselling author, Master Sommelier and co-founder of both Sombra Mezcal and My Essential Wines. Needless to say, 43-year-old Richard Betts is anything but boring. We sat down with the Tucson native to talk grilled cheese, red wine and what you should really tell your waiter: Current city:... read more

11 Simple Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal for Under $100

update curb appeal

You don’t neglect the way your home looks on the inside, so don’t forget to spruce up the exterior too. Here are eleven simple ways to add instant curb appeal, the inexpensive way.

1. Get New House Numbers House numbers are one of the first things to catch the eye—first-time visitors are looking...

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Instant Expert: The Facts on Fennel

fennel instant expert
Photo: messyfish/Etsy
Trust us, you're not the only one who confuses fennel with practically every other green vegetable at the supermarket... What it is: Think of it this way: Fennel is a vegetable that closely resembles celery with leaves that look a whole lot like dill. The leaves produce fennel seeds (both of which you can eat) and it has... read more